More About Me

Meet Nehal

After spending years as an Accounting professional, Nehal entered the real estate field and became an investor in residential real estate. Managing multiple rental properties, she gained valuable experience and knowledge of the real estate industry. With over 20 years of experience in real estate purchase and sales, Nehal understands the importance of guidance and support for buyers and sellers. She has a genuine passion for helping her clients and believes that every real estate transaction requires a professional approach to add real value for everyone involved. As a skilled negotiator and representative, Nehal works hard to ensure her clients get the best deals possible.

Nehal understands that buying a home is a significant decision in life and strives to provide her clients with a seamless experience. Whether buying or selling a property, Nehal aims to create an experience that exceeds her clients' expectations. She is committed to earning her clients' trust through her hard work, strategic problem-solving, and transparency. Her dedication and strong work ethic ensure that she delivers the best results for her customers.

Apart from work, Nehal loves to volunteer, hike and run. As a parent, she has raised two children in the local community, which has helped her establish valuable connections and respect in the area. Her clients benefit from her vast network of connections and deep understanding of the local market.